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About Mellett's Financial Services


Mellett's Financial Services, established in 2006 by Tracey Kilian and Therese Mellett. We work with the highest levels of service and professionalism.


Geographical Location


Our head office is located in Pretoria and we assist clients primarily within this region. We do however have an increasing client base of national clients from as far afield as Cape Town and we are therefore able to assist clients throughout South Africa.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest level of professional, innovative and efficient financial services, offering guidance from the formation of their business through to the successful, sustainable, operation of their business on a day to day basis.


How We Work


We are different from our competitors in that we provide an exceptionally personalised service. We are committed to providing a full range of individualised, industry specific, accounting services which we achieve through conducting in-depth research into each new client's industry and their unique requirements. Based on our research and our understanding of our clients business and operations, we formulate, propose and implement tailor made, innovative and time saving systems and solutions that add value to our clients business and assist them to focus on their core operations.

With Mellett's Financial Services, your accounting and tax affairs become simple and straightforward. You can confidently leave the time and hassle of accounting and taxation to us, knowing that everything will be taken care of!


Who We Serve


Mellett's Financial Services assists individual clients within a broad range of financial portfolios and an exceptionally diverse range of commercial clients across all industries.

Regardless of the size or scope of your personal financial portfolio or your organisation, we strive to provide you with a personalised, yet professional and efficient service that is suitable to your individual needs and future ambitions.




We provide our services based on an hourly rate. We believe that this provides a more open and flexible manner of providing services. It is our policy at Mellett's Financial Services to go the extra mile and as such we frequently offer added value services over and above that which we have quoted to do, which benefits the individual needs of our client. We promise that when you call us, the timer will not automatically be switched on!




Please feel free to contact us for references. We will soon be adding the testimonials we have received from our existing clients on to our news page and we encourage you to interact with us and share your experiences and comments, as well as view the comments of others.